Volume 1 | Websites

It inevitably starts here: You need a website. This will be you in the vast digiverse. Your own space! Not a place you are in a way renting like Facebook, LinkedIn and so on.

Here you could do things to your heart's content: Course development, write articles, accept payments and all kinds of wonderful things.

However, before you can actually build your property in the cloud, you have to decide where to build it. This is where the next volume comes in.

Volume 2 | Hosting

The big web illusion - that everything is in the cloud as if it is hanging mysteriously in the air. Doesn't work that way!

Your website (or your content on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) can be located on some or other server - being an actual place on terra firma. Scary, don't you think? It's like your hard drive, but you don't own it. At best you only own part of it, and it's not anywhere near you.

So then, we take care of the fact that your website has to be 'rooted' somewhere in 'the cloud.' That is what the service of hosting means. This is also what makes it possible to have email addresses - there being a server with all kinds of protocol and security.

Volume 3 | Online marketing

Now, you have a website. It's located somewhere, but don't be mistaken to think that it will all of a sudden appear in search engines, least of all on any significant page

Without at least some minimal form of marketing, expecting your website to appear when someone searches for a related service is like telling your family you built a home somewhere in Africa. Don't expect them to come visit soon unless you tell them exactly where in Africa to go - as in, exactly will help.

In other words: Yes, you're in 'the cloud' but so are a gazillion other people and services. So we then nudge the search engines in various ways so the powers that be (Google, Bing, etc) can show your family (or clients) where you can actually be found.